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Got Back or Neck Pain?

Wow, you just never know what people like unless you ask.  I put out a request on Facebook to help me choose a graphic for my next flower essence offering and honestly the results were surprising.

This was by far the most popular graphic. (It was not the one that I would have picked.) I want to thank those who took the time and voted, and especially those who explained their choice which really helped me see the deeper reasons, and made me feel good about using the graphic I wouldn't have otherwise.  Deep thanks.

Anyway, I'm really excited about this new essence.  It's called "Align" and it's for people with chronic neck and back pain.  This has truly been years in the making.

This is going to be for the people who aren't having their chiropractic adjustments hold, who have pain flare ups connected to stress and negativity and who just plain hold a lot of tension in their bodies.  I put stuff in there for releasing trauma too.  Should be awesome!

As always, flower essences have side benefits instead of side effects, so I'm excited to hear about the transformative stuff happening there in the areas of enhanced creativity and finding new ways of doing life.

When I get this complete, I'm planning on offering a deep discount for the first 2 days, in hopes of generating some on-site reviews in a hurry.  Those are soooo helpful, not just to other shoppers but to me.  If you are not on the mailing list yet, you need to be.  Sign up below.

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