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When It Works Too Well

Healing crisis's don't get a whole lot of attention in the flower essence world. Some books or sites will make enough mention of it to terrify people so I thought I would share some experiences of mine as well as some others that I've witnessed. First, let's remember that in the natural health world the "healing crisis" is always a good thing. It means the treatment is working, albeit a little too well. Many of you are familiar with cleansing, and how if you overdo it you get a range of nasty symptoms and it means you simply need to back off a bit and do a little less. Essences are exactly the same, except you're cleaning out old hurts and things you've been hanging onto that aren't serving you well. It can be painful to see this stuff come to the surface and have your false fronts stripped away. If it gets too intense, then stop for a couple days, let things settle and try again with less frequent doses. The other option is to look at what you're taking and try a different approach with new essences, then come back to the troubling ones later when you're a little stronger.

You don't have to have a healing crisis for essences to do their job. I would say 95% of the time people don't experience anything negative. It's not really something you need to be watching out for, you simply need to be aware of the possibility so you don't get blindsided.

People are most likely to go through a healing crisis if they have blocked things out or are using something as a way of coping. Flower essences do tend to get us to face things that we don't like in ourselves or something that needs our attention rather than let you continue to suppress or ignore. If something of that sort is standing in your way of true healing, flower essences will have you facing it down.

So what does it feel like? I've documented moodiness, crying, disturbing dreams, social withdrawal, old memories surfacing, physical symptoms, especially in the stomach, and inability to focus on day to day work because you're working through something. Flower essences shine light on the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.  One of the key methods of working through things and healing is through dreams.  I recommend Your Dream State or "Now, Interpret This!" for interpretation, especially with recurring dreams. "Now Interpret This!" in particular is affordable and a good place to learn if you're into that.

A seventy year old customer was on a blend long term and needed a refill. She mentioned that she'd just found out she has a half-sister. Knowing that she hadn't had a good relationship with her dad anyway, and now this comes along, I decided to add in some Sunflower. The next day she told me, "I don't think this Sunflower is right, I'm just not happy at all." Happy all the time is unrealistic, even with flower essences, The goal is to react appropriately to whatever comes down the pike. Most of us get it backwards and suppress the big stuff and then overreact to the small things. We took the Sunflower out of the blend and she has it separately to take as soon as she feels like confronting the issue.

Sweet Cherry for me personally is always a feel good cry.  It feels very "disarming," as in taking away whatever I'm using to defend myself against those who love me. (Chuckle). I can get a lot of walls up in a hurry.  It's a broad spectrum negative emotions essence including fear and anger. I took one sip and cried for twenty minutes. I had to wash away all that hostility, it was covering up the deeper issues.  Afterwards I was shaky, raw and lighter, and dealing with problems as a family member rather than trying to cut them away and be in it alone.

There are certain essences known to be potential crisis servers. Anything that delves into repressed stuff, or is a catalyst for change, means you may be in for an adventure.  One of those is Black-eyed Susan.

Black-eyed Susan is a deeply cathartic essence with a long history of use in treating emotional amnesia, or those things you block out. Why put yourself through the unblocking? Because these events that never get processed can manifest in other ways like physical problems, or bad patterns in your life. For example, lots of kids grow up in abusive homes. The healthy ones deal and say "I'm NEVER going to hit my kids, and they turn out to be good parents in spite of what they knew. Others will grow up with that hurt and repeat the pattern with their own children.  They probably they remember how it was, but have blocked out the feelings, the details of what it truly was like. The hurt never really went anywhere, they just shut off feeling.  Black-eyed Susan is not one to play with, but when you need to get to the bottom of why you act the way you do, it's invaluable.

So choose your timing when you're getting out the big guns.  Have friends and family on standby, if you don't feel stable enough to risk it, then lets use some stabilizing essences first.  If its gets too hard, you can quit.  You'll have made progress, and you can take another run at it later. If you have some Crisis Care on hand and things get rough, use it.  And if you wanna go for it and rip the bandaid off fast, then Godspeed my friends.

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