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Dental Anxiety

Brave Girl VS the Dentist

I have some dental anxiety issues, and since I had an appointment last week, Crisis Care to the rescue!  Crisis Care is Freedom Flowers' version of an emergency essence, used similar to Rescue Remedy.  It is formulated a little differently so you may want to read up on the flowers in both of them to see if one addresses your particular brand of terror better than the other.  I got through my appointment in good shape.  Was it the Crisis Care?  Was it the prayer support?  The homeopathic gelsemium?  The two shots of vodka in the parking lot?  We may never know. 

Now to be fair, I don't know where this comes from because I don't actually see a dentist.  I see a hygienist who runs the thing around my mouth, says "looks good, see ya in a year", but really it's more like 5.  I've got all my wisdom teeth, never had an extraction, it's definitely not my personal trauma feeding the anxiety.  My theory is that its one of two things, I either inherited it, or I'm picking up on other people's trauma when I get in the room. 

So I'm on my way to the dentist, and I have to leave from another town so I get Tom-Tom out and plugged in, and he takes me on this scary but incredible detour and shows me huge, easy access lomatium stands, balsamroot meadows, creekside willows in full bloom, and forget-me-not patches.  I was a happy camper with that little road trip.  But then I get there...  Anxiety hits when I walk in the door.  I beat it back with a stick and sit down.  I have found that if I can put my physical body into a relaxed position, my mind follows.  Sometimes.

I don't get to see my regular hygienist, (can you have a regular hygienist if you only go every five years?) I get this cute little girl probably right out of school.  She's going down the list, "Health issues?"
"No...  I will tell you however, that I'm phobic."
"Ohmygod, please don't bite me!" 

I laughed and said "I'm not going to bite you, I'm just going to lay there and vibrate."  So then she was very nice and telling me we can go at my pace, she talked to me the whole time, reminded me to breathe.  I actually thought I did pretty good, no shaking, thought I was fairly relaxed, although sore muscles the next day said otherwise.  I have much greater confidence that I can go back and do it again.  Maybe before five years!  We wouldn't wanna get too carried away though. 

The best thing for a dental phobic person is to not need a dentist.  I was raised without toothpaste and later in life, found this book (free on scribd) on why toothpaste is harmful.  Growing up, we used salt and soda, but I understand that can be hard on gums over the long term.  So following Judd's advice, I've switched to soap.  Strangely, it tastes better than salt and soda. 

Of course you wouldn't want any Irish Spring or anything with deodorants or synthetic junk like your mom used to wash your mouth out with.  I buy some handmade peppermint soap at a local shop.  There is a product called Toothsoap in lots of cool flavors but its expensive.  Mom says its worth it.  I just ordered some so we'll see.  It is difficult to find a basic soap without glycerine.  Bronners makes a nice peppermint but has retained glycerine so don't even think about it!  Glycerine is the problem in all toothpastes, natural or otherwise.  Basically, it just doesn't allow your teeth to mend.  Washing your mouth out with soap is not the end of the world.  You should try it sometime!

In other news, we have a new product called Aftershock  Basically a post trauma remedy, where Crisis Care is for more in the moment, first response type of a flower essence.  Everybody should probably do a round of Aftershock at some point, as we all have old trauma.  Most of us can choose the timing though.  You'll want to have a support network in place, people who you can talk to and pray you through it.  I don't mean to sound scary, because flower essences are the most gentle things in the world, but facing things you've shelved, even with high frequency support might have a backlash.  That said, if you come through it with no problems and come out lighter, that doesn't mean it wasn't thorough.  That's usually the case, but I don't want you to be blindsided having no idea that a healing crisis can happen.

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