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Why We Love Daffodils


Beyond the obvious reason which is their dramatic farewell to old man winter, (don't let the door hit ya on the way out!) daffodils are a great trumpeter of clarity and light into our lives.

Daffodil increases sensitivity and connection to the voice of Creator. It facilitates an illumination and clarity into complicated decisions and identity crisis's, and is a perfect adjunct to spiritual pursuits. It relieves feelings of shyness for those who can't find their voice, or are afraid to use it. Daffodil helps us to see the big picture and to realize where we fit into that. The big picture view becomes necessary in times where we are fixated on an object of desire, or conversely, something we dislike. Both extremes become a stumbling block to receiving clear undistorted unbiased communication from a higher source. Daffodil also helps cut through negative communications in earthly relationships. It's clarifying action helps you to really hear what is being said, or not said, allowing you to deal with the real issue. Daffodil flower essence is in our "Open Ears" blend.
Daffodil is also linked to staying positive with a cancer diagnosis. The daffodil became the official flower for the Canadian Cancer Society when they decorated their fundraiser in 1954 with the blooms. Now, these people had no knowledge of flower essences, but they noticed that the blooms seemed to bring encouragement and the attitude that cancer could be beaten. Daffodil is indeed used as a flower essence to cut through the hysteria and the medical hype surrounding the big C by restoring clarity and hope.
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